The Stand and Play Bathtub

Q: What is the biggest concern when bathing babies?
Answer: Injuries from Slips, Trips and Falls
Slips and falls are the #1 cause of ER visits for babies.
Bathtub stands are more dangerous than most people realize.
Low baby bathtub walls are trip hazards.
Parents must keep babies seated...
which means bending, kneeling and lots of splashing water!
Restraining babies opposes their play...
inhibits learning bath competency and...
forfeits an amazing developmental opportunity.
  • US (ASTM F2670-17)
  • French (XP S54-044)
  • European (EN 17072)

Stage 1: Freedom to Move

From 0 to 6 months.
The perfect incline for first baths
and learning to move.
Stretch, push and roll.
Easy to use with brilliant
integrated plug.

Stage 2: Learning to Sit

Balance and Splash!
Wide Flat Base

From 6 to 12 months.
Wide flat base, ideal for learning
to balance and sit.
First sideways, then the fun begins!

Stage 3: Stand and Play

From 12 to 24 months,
when your baby can sit confidently, it’s time to Stand and Play!

There’s nothing like the freedom of the Stand and Play bathtub. 

It’s safe and stable because
of the weight of the water in wide tub. Now you don’t have to worry about nasty falls and always trying to sit your child down.

Push, roll, strengthen and smile.

Stage One has the perfect incline and shape for moving between lying on the back, rolling to the side or even tummy-time.

Natural movements build strength through the neck, shoulders and core. This all helps your baby develop head control.

“We like that he feels free in the tub.
He likes to move and play and push.”

Diane, mother of Andre

It’s simply the best.

The Stand and Play Bathtub

One bath. Perfect at every stage.

new babies

learning to sit

stand and play

As new parents our backs would ache bathing our babies.
When they started sitting in the bath they slipped and got hurt, and we got soaked.
Then they wanted to stand and play but they fell, and we had to sit them down.

So we invented The Stand and Play Bathtub.

safe and stable

The tub has a wide base and this means plenty of water to make it uniquely safe and stable for moving, standing, and playing.

freedom to move and develop

Every feature is designed to give your baby the most freedom
to move naturally, grow, play, and develop.

convenient in every way

The Stand and Play Bathtub fits in most showers and baths, has two plugs, packs away neatly and can be hung on the wall.

Patent Pending, and tested to US (ASTM F2670-17),
French (XP S54-044) and European (EN 17072) Safety Standards

YouBeBaby is designed in France and conforms to the highest safety and manufacturing standards.

Sustainability matters so our products are designed to last for years, not months.

Patents pending with WIPO PCT.

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