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What is Containerization?


Most new parents don’t come into parenting with how the baby products industry has exploded with products to hold or restrict babies

  • Hours of 7 and 2
  • link to articles about containerization
  • placiocephalagy
  • torticolis
  • Link to CanDoKiddo

This is why we developed The Stand and Play Bathtub

  • bath competency earlier
  • development is largely through play and experience and
    • bathtime is exactly the kind of stimulating, sensory-rich environmment where development excels
    • also unique in the day, no one has time for pools or the beach every day but bathtime is a unique recurring routine
      • the best situations for development.
      • babies love to test and for that regular repetition is needed
  • opportunity
  • fun

Make bathtime a Moving Experience!

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