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Strength and Movement, Stage One

The Stand and Play Bathtub is different than other bathtubs. We encourage you to spend a few minutes to learn what’s different and how to get the benefits from using it.

This three part bath system is designed to be the bath your baby would choose if they could. Unlike the competition, we have not designed to minimize production, transportation and storage costs. Instead we started with the idea of supporting your baby’s physiology and allowing them to follow their innate need for movement and discovery through play. We believe this is not only the best thing we can do for them, it’s also what makes them happy, and a happy baby is the easiest baby to care for.

Wrapping a baby before lowering her into the bath reduces the chance the baby will react with shocked surprise.
Wrapping a baby in a towel or cloth before placing her into the bath reduces the chance the baby will react with shocked surprise.

Stage one is for newborns until they can easily raise and hold up their head while on their tummy. At this point they are usually ready to try sitting up (usually around 6 months). This is the point of transition to stage two.

A gently inclined, open space supports arm movement and neutral alignment of head, neck and spine. This allows turning of the head and moving between lying positions on the back, side or tummy. The reservoir holds water as a bath or allows it to drain as a shower. Hand holds are within easy reach and can be grasped with confidence.

Water and the incline make rolling over easier. Let them do it or help them along as part of cleaning their backside.
Water and the incline make rolling over easier. Let them do it or help them along as part of cleaning their backside.


What are babies doing in stage one?

  • Discovering and exploring the sensory rich experience of being in water:
    • Buoyancy reduces our sense of weight and facilitates movement such as turning over.
    • Water’s weight buffers and calms jerky movements.
    • Water reduces friction and makes sliding (moving) easier.
    • The soothing warmth of water convecting over the body.
    • Light reflection off the surface of water – Try a handshower. Babies love it!
    • Light refracting as we look through water.
    • The feeling of water evaporating off the body
    • The joy of splashing!
  • Building strength and coordination through movement and play
  • Starting from lying on the back, over time they will want to turn, roll over push up and raise the head to look around.

Important Features:

  • The unique drain cover facilitates water level management during the bath by allowing 360 deg access while your baby rests comfortably over it. Lift one edge during bathtime to lower the water level.
  • Wide, moderately inclined surface allows movement, spreading arms, turning head and rolling over which can be initiated by either the parent or baby.
  • The reservoir may be used to retain water as a bath or to drain as a shower.

Please watch this helpful video if it’s your very first time:

This video is a more general features video about using Stage One

We developed The Stand and Play Bathtub to

  • Build bath competency
  • Support Development through play and experience:
    • Bathtime is a stimulating, sensory-rich environmment where development excels
    • Unique in the day, bathtime is a unique, convenient and recurring routine unlike pools or other water-play experiences.
  • And have fun!

Make bathtime a Moving Experience!

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