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Standing Up In the Bath, Stage Three

Start using stage three when your baby sits up independently and confidently (usually around 10 months). It is designed to support your active, playful baby as they learn to stand and move. The goal is bath competency. Parents can step back and know your baby is safe (Always keep your baby in view and ready to assist however). This stage is typically used for more than a year and is perfectly adapted to bigger, active babies.  If your baby is not yet sitting up independently, continue using Stage Two and stay by their side to spot them in case they start to tip.

This short video How To Video: Stage Three Attachment and Storage  shows how Stage Three snaps together and folds for storage. When snapping together, don’t be afraid to give a strong sharp “thwack” at each of the snap locations. You want to be sure the pieces are firmly attached.

You can check that they are properly attached by looking inside to see there is no gap between the pieces and by lifting it up and vigorously shaking.

A few tips for using Stage Three.

  • Never carry your baby in this (or any) bathtub!
  • Enjoy more: step back, stand up and relax.
  • Always keep your baby in view and ready to help
  • Use as bath or open the drain and use with your hand shower
  • Small appropriate bath toys are great fun and allow your baby to have independent play time
  • Or connect if you want: play games, talk, sing together, etc…

Watch this short overview Video of Stage Three

We developed The Stand and Play Bathtub to

  • Build bath competency
  • Support Development through play and experience:
    • Bathtime is a stimulating, sensory-rich environmment where development excels
    • Unique in the day, bathtime is a unique, convenient and recurring routine unlike pools or other water-play experiences.
  • And have fun!

Make bathtime a Moving Experience!

Visit us at!

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