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Slips, Trips and Falls, The Real Bath Safety Problem

Debunk drowning:

Most new parents believe that drowning is the primary danger associated with bathing your baby. Danger is a terrible tragedy but it is also rare and the fact is that drowning never occurs provided a parent or caregiver is present and attentive. Drowning only occurs when babies are left alone. The message here is simple: Never leave your baby alone around water.

The real safety problem is slips, trips and falls (which we’ll call ST&F). ST&F aren’t very well understood because the drowning is so scary that it (pardon the pun) sucks all the air out of the room.

The real problem Slips Trps and falls

From the CDC report, as you can see frequency of drownings in comparison to falls and then the second category of struck by





The underlying causes of slips trips and falls

  • bath stands used after 6 months
  • babies grow and change faster than parents realize
    • parentsaren’t ready for changes
  • the bath environment is unnatural hard smooth slippery while babie
    s in the bath are wiggly, slippery and surprisingly strong and determined
  • product manufacturers have ignored the problem not accepted responsibilty
    • put all responsibilty on parents with label (show label)
    • cheaper to make products stackable

the effect of all this on bathtime

  • frustrated babies
  • fristrated parents
  • delayed water competency
    • (more months spent bathing young children, sometimes up to 7 years old!)
    • delayed bath accidents
  • delayed development

This is why we developed The Stand and Play Bathtub

  • bath competency earlier
  • development is largely through play and experience and
    • bathtime is exactly the kind of stimulating, sensory-rich environmment where development excels
    • also unique in the day, no one has time for pools or the beach every day but bathtime is a unique recurring routine
      • the best situations for development.
      • babies love to test and for that regular repetition is needed
  • opportunity
  • fun

Make bathtime a Moving Experience!

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