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Sitting in the Bath, Stage Two

Start using stage two after your baby has the strength and ability to raise and hold up their head and is comfortable with being upright (usually around 6 months). Stage two is designed to support your baby while they acquire the ability to sit up until independently sitting. The process of learning to sit is a process of developing balance. Supporting the weight of the head and upper body, the brain learns how to correct the body to maintain its position. During this time, babies will easily tip over so it is imperative for parents to stay close and assist. When you start using stage two we recommend seating the baby crosswise with the back against a wall and the feet pressed against the opposite wall.


Supported feet and back, sitting crosswise in stage two.
Supported Feet and Back, Sitting Crosswise in Stage Two.

As the ability to balance increases, you can decrease the amount of support by sitting them a little more upright.


Stage Two Midway
Reduce Support as Ability Increases


Let them respond to being in different body positions, Stage two
Let them respond to being in different body positions


In a short time your baby will experimant with sitting up and leaning forward over their hands and feet.  You’ll see how they wobble, rock back and forth and occasionally start to tip over. They are developing the reflexive core and extremity muscle behavior that keeps them upright while distributing their weight on their bottom, legs, feet and hands.

S2 End Position Sitting Up
Eventually to sitting in the long direction.

A few important things to remember.

  • Wobbling and Tipping is fine – Just catch them!
  • Always stay close to spot them
  • Use as bath or with a handshower
  • Different positions, cross, lengthwise
  • If baby wants to lie on back in stage two, please put their feet outside of the tub to prevent them from pushing their head against the wall

This video is a more general features video about using Stage Two

We developed The Stand and Play Bathtub to:

  • Build bath competency
  • Support Development through play and experience:
    • Bathtime is a stimulating, sensory-rich environmment where development excels
    • Unique in the day, bathtime is a unique, convenient and recurring routine unlike pools or other water-play experiences.
  • And have fun!

Make bathtime a Moving Experience!

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