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Babies are awake on average for 7 hours a day. They use this time to discover and learn about themselves and their new world through PLAY. Scientific research confirms that PLAY is crucially important to early development.

When we restrain babies in all the ways we do using car seats, strollers, rockers, swings, chairs, carriers and bathtubs, we work against their biological programming. This hampers motor skills development and other areas of  development including:

  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Social
  • Emotional

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Water-play provides a unique and exciting environment for play. Water enlivens and engages all the senses. Bathing is often considered little more than a mundane task whose sole purpose is hygiene. By doing this though we are denying an amazing opportunity for play. We can’t always find the time to take little ones to a pool or a beach   

Every stage in development presents new challenges. Challenges can be daunting for your little one. You can think of these challenges like trying to leap over a creek and what we’re doing is putting in stepping stones to encourage and make achieving milestones a little easier and less frustrating.] is