Free Play in the Bath

The Stand and Play Bathtub

Stage 1
Age: 0-6 Months Lying Positions: On Back, Rolling, Side and Tummy
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Stage 2
Age: 6-12 Months, For learning to sit and transitional positions
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Stage 3
Age 12 Months - 2+ Years For Independent sitters: Sit Stand, Splash, Kick and Play
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Freedom to Play

Discover the benefits of safe water-play during bath-time for you and your baby. The Stand and Play Bathtub is a complete 3 stage solution that goes from birth until they are ready for the regular tub. Each stage supports developmentally appropriate, restriction free natural movement. 

Benefits Summary

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From 0 to 2+ Years

3 unique stages that support the child’s natural motor skills from birth until they are ready for an adult-sized bath or shower.


Frequent water-play promotes healthy brain and body development. Water enlivens the senses and each stage allows appropriate and unrestricted natural movement – essential for building strong neural pathways.


Because Stage 3 guards against fall injuries, parents can step out of the splash zone, relax and enjoy bath-time without bending and kneeling.


Prevents injury from bathroom falls – a major cause of urgentcare injuries in children 4 years of age and under. 

Stage 1, Beginner Baby

Building Strength

By moving and rolling through all the lying positions: back, side, and tummy, babies build strength to raise up and hold their head. This stage is uniquely designed to support this activity.

Stage 2, Beginning Sitter

Learning to Sit

Once babies possess the strength to raise and hold their head they will want to learn to sit. This requires learning to balance the head’s weight over the stable supporting feet, legs and hands.

Stage 3, Confident Sitter

Play! Fall-Safe and Worry Free

INsert words about s3

Safe Standing

Each year over 43,000* US children visit ERs for bath/shower injuries. 80% are due to slips, trips and falls with babies and toddlers accounting for more than half.