No Props for Propping

Stage 2 is for your beginning sitter. Conventional thinking says that we “teach” babies how to sit by propping them up but we know that this can actually delay your baby’s ability to independently sit. Babies learn how to sit by developing the necessary balance, strength and coordination that comes from moving into and out of the seated position. It is a process of trial and error that your baby works through largely on his own. Babies are natural learners and do best when they have frequent opportunities to play in safe spaces. The double-bell shape, near vertical walls, flat, flexy floor and shower drain allow you to use this and every stage as a restriction free play-space with or without the basin filled with water. Stage 2 helps your baby learn to sit by providing multiple seating positions and the open play space to change between them. They may sit cross-wise, pressing their feet against the opposite wall for support, or lengthwise.

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