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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can use the bathtub?
From newborn to two years old.
The Stand and Play Bathtub can be used from birth until your baby is ready to use a normal adult bath-tub or shower.
Stage 1 from birth until your baby is ready to learn to sit upright (around 6 months old).
Stage 2 is for the beginning sitter until they become confident sitters (approximately from 6 to 12 months old).
Stage 3 is for babies who are confident sitters (approximately 12 months old and older)
Is it safe?
During the design phase of the project we worked with globally recognized safety experts at SGS Test Labs in France. The Stand and Play Bathtub passes US (ASTM F2670-17), European (EN17072) and separate French (XP S54-044, 2003) safety standards. Bear in mind however that no bath product is considered “safe” and no product manufacturer may claim their product is safe. Safety is insured only when a responsible adult caregiver is present and attentive during bath-time.
Why doesn’t it come with a stand?
Bath stands promise to reduce kneeling and bending over but you can’t use them with mobile babies (usually before 6 months old) due to the risk of falling. So when your baby becomes more active you must bathe them at floor level anyway. Other tubs require babies to remain seated which means parents usually kneel and/or bend over to make sure they stay seated. Using Stage 3, sit or stand however you like while your baby plays. Actual soaping up and rinsing off usually takes a couple minutes.
How come there are no molded features to keep the baby from wiggling and moving around (like bum bumps, crotch stops, or leg wells)? 
Because babies, like you and I, don’t like being forcibly prevented from moving. This creates stress, fear, discomfort and anger.  Additionally, those products often don’t actually work as advertised and babies wiggle out of them anyway which then creates even more problematic situations. Our product is designed to let babies move safely, naturally and happily. This provides a sensible, natural path to gain confidence and ability in water and the bath and smoothes the transition to independent bathing.
Can my baby use it while I take a shower (co-showering)?
Yes! With stage 3 this works great. With stages 1 and 2 you probably can’t take your own shower as easily since you must stay in continual contact so you can certainly be inside the shower with them but you probably can’t.
Does it fold and store easily?
Yes, When using Stage 3, to save space the legs fold under the the tub and the entire assembly can be hung normal towel/robe hook.
What is your warranty and return policy?
The Stand and Play Bathtub is warrantied against defects for One (1) Year. Please see conditions on our warranty page at
Does it come in other colors?
To help us manage production costs and complexity, we have one plastic color, Pantone 656C, a light cool gray with a touch of blue.
The mesh color is black because black reflects less light than other colors and this maximizes visibility through the material. We expect to add other plastic colors eventually. If you have a prefence, please send us an email and let us know!

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