Using Stage Three to Support Mobility

Stage Three Banner Image Stand and Play Bathtub

How does using stage three support mobility? Once your baby is sitting up independently they will move into and out of sitting and soon try to pull themselves up to standing and supported walking. Babies at this stage are bigger, more active, mobile, independent and less controllable. With so much happening all at once, things […]

Sitting in the Bath, Stage Two

Stage Two Stand and Play Bathtub Header Image

Start using stage two after your baby has the strength and ability to raise and hold up their head and is comfortable with being upright (usually around 6 months). Stage two is designed to support your baby while they acquire the ability to sit up until independently sitting. The process of learning to sit is […]

Strength and Movement, Stage One

Stage One drain cover Stand and Play Bathtub

The Stand and Play Bathtub is different than other bathtubs. We encourage you to spend a few minutes to learn what’s different and how to get the benefits from using it. This three part bath system is designed to be the bath your baby would choose if they could. Unlike the competition, we have not […]