Stand and Play!

Use stage 3 when your baby is sitting with confidence and control – usually around 1 year old. Babies at this stage are eager to show you all the cool things they can do. Stage 3 allows your baby to have the unstructured time and space to discover and explore the amazing world of water. … Read more

Tummy Time / Tummy Play

Balance, strength and coordination are the fundamentals of healthy motor-skills and stage 1 of the Stand and Play Bath-tub gives your baby a great start. In stage 1 you will see their excitement when they discover that their legs can lift their entire body. You will see them discover balance by using their arms and … Read more

No Props for Propping

Stage 2 is for your beginning sitter. Conventional thinking says that we “teach” babies how to sit by propping them up but we know that this can actually delay your baby’s ability to independently sit. Babies learn how to sit by developing the necessary balance, strength and coordination that comes from moving into and out … Read more

A Better and Easier Way

We’ve made bath-time easier by working with and not against Mother Nature. Babies are natural learners and biologically programmed to develop through movement and play. Each stage of the 123 Stand n’ Play Tub allows their natural and restriction free movement. Instead of creating stress by forcing babies to stay in a single, fixed position, … Read more

Showering and Co-Showering

Babies LOVE the soothing feel, comforting sound and shimmering spray of the hand-shower – even from birth. So use the hand shower if you want from the very beginning, and when they are ready they can use it too. You can also easily bring them into the shower with you. You don’t need to try … Read more

Safe, Tested and Reliable

The 123 Stand n’ Play Tub gets glowing testimonials from the many parents who have used it. We should also add their babies have also been huge fans as well 😉 And of course the product meets and exceeds all European and US safety standards as verified by a world-renowned independent 3rd party product safety … Read more

Backed by Evidence Based Science

(In Process, Needs Work) Bathing, especially during this first year is a wonderful opportunity to engage in what scientists and early development experts call “serve and return” (See “Backed by Evidence Based Science”). This happens when an adult responds appropriately to a baby’s actions through eye and warm physical contact, gestures and words. Neural connections … Read more