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He really enjoys it!

It definitely feels a lot safer. He loves playing in the water and when we were using Stage One, it was so much more hands-free and fun so we got used to that really fast!

Using Stage Two I discovered how capable he was at sitting up.

– Sarah, Evan’s Mother

We’ve used a regular adult bathtub sometimes with a seat. There’s more room for risk and error and we kept baths short – only 5 minutes.

In [The Stand and Play Bathtub] he plays for half an hour and stands up more easily.
It feels really safe and it’s lots of fun. He likes splashing around.

I don’t need to be so close to make sure he doesn’t fall or drown. Yeah, I definitely recommend it.

– Guillaume, Joshua’s Father

We have a couple of baby transats for the bath but we don’t use them because he’s not comfortable in them.

This product is nice, really, really lovely … I like the design – very easy to use, and economical because you can use just the amount of water you want.

It feels really safe so I feel like I can let him be freer without having to hold him in place.

We like that he feels free in the tub. He likes to move and play and push.

He was able to move his arms and legs and push the sides and because he can feel and grasp everything around him I can tell he feels more secure, confident and playful.

Diane, Andre’s Mother

This is amazing.

It’s great because she feels really relaxed.

We supervise her but she’s really comfortable on her own in this.

Our experience with other baths is that they’re restrictive, basically because my husband, her father has to hold her with one arm and soap her down with the other so if she moved it was hard for him. I’m sure every parent has to deal with this.

– Lindsay, Gabrielle’s Father

It’s very cool.

What I like is that it’s very practical.

I like to let her relax and with this we can. 

She’s very comfortable to just lie in it and I don’t have to hold her. On warm days even when she’s not having a bath she’s happy to just lie in it, without clothes on.

Before we used this transat in this inflatable tub and she slipped out and hit her head and then she became scared of the bath.

Rafael, Gabrielle’s Father

She climbed out of the regular tub once and hit her head.

She really loves playing in the bath and this lets her play more independently with all of her toys, the water and manipulating things.

In the regular tub I have to sit right next to her.

This is super convenient. It’s safe. She loves rolling around, splashing.

– Lindsey, Elodie’s Mother

It’s very good.

It’s nice because with him standing up because I don’t have to bend over so much to wash him.

Before when I washed my kids, I’d spend most of my time bending over and that was painful. Because he’s standing up I bend over less and for much less time. It’s easier.

– Mathieu, Jakob’s Father

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