Safe, strong and practical

The YouBeBaby Stand and Play bath is packed with clever design features.
Explore them all here or jump to Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three, or Practical Features.

Clever and Safe

Again and again, you will say ‘this bath is so clever!’

Easy to Use at Every Stage

The three main parts easily and neatly click together.

Stage One and Two both have trap-proof drains and a plug, so the tub can be used as a shower or a bath.

State Three cleverly unfolds and fastens solidly in to place giving a safe and stable structure for you baby to stand and play. Then it easily folds up for storage.

Unique and Brilliant

Fits Neatly in the Bath or Shower

Designed for stability, the YouBeBaby bath fits neatly into your bath or shower. The trap-proof drain and plugs allow you to use it as a bath or have the water flow through it in shower mode.

Stage One: Freedom to Move

Important First Baths

Firsts baths can be a worry or they can be a special time.

During Stage One your baby can stretch, push and roll on their side or tummy, or simply recline comfortably. As your baby grows they will learn to raise their head, building their core, neck and limb strength.

Please watch our video: Stage One – Beginner Baby.

The Perfect Incline

Lying on the straight incline that slopes into the water, your baby will be happily positioned while you bathe them. 

The perfectly fitting incline allows your baby to enjoy the water and naturally develop with free unconstrained movement with the buoyancy of the water helping them learn to move.

As they build strength and control they will start to kick and push against the base with their legs. Some babies will also like to roll and even spend time on their tummies.

Designed for Stability

Unlike most baby baths the Stand and Play Bathtub has high-quality robust stabilising supports to ensure it can’t be tipped.

The bath has been tested and certified to the highest standards and is easy to assemble.

Attention to detail like this, and a deep understanding of the movement and development requirements of babies, is what sets the Stand and Play Bathtub apart from other mass produced baby baths.

The Stand and Play bath is tested to US (ASTM F2670-17), French (XP S54-044) and European (EN 17072) Safety Standards.

Trap-Proof Integrated Drains and Plug

There’s nothing worse than a baby bath without a drain but little fingers, and even toes, can and do get stuck in drains, and you certainly don’t want this!

To prevent this the two drains in the YouBeBaby bath have been cleverly designed to let water but not little fingers through.

The drains align, and there is an easy to use plug, that you can use to fill up the bath, or leave out to have the water run through in shower mode.

Maximum Water Marking

The maximum level that water should be filled to is clearly shown in both the Stage One incline insert.

Allowing your baby to freely move – pushing and kicking in the water – makes for the ideal experience while keeping their head safely out of the water.

Beware of bath tubs with built in props, seats or slings. These restrict movement unnaturally and inhibit development.

Stage Two: Learning to Sit

Stage Two is for babies who are learning to sit-up.

When your baby is able to change positions by themselves and be able to raise and hold their head up for extended periods then they are ready for Stage Two. Babies who can not do this should not be placed into an upright position.

Sitting requires and teaches balance and head control. Babies learn these skills by wobbling and moving. Instability and tipping is normal during this time so a caregiver must be attentive and close at all times to prevent tipping over.

Please watch our video: Stage Two Overview and Use.

The Perfect Shape to Progress

The peanut-shape of the Stand and Play Bathtub allows for freedom to naturally and properly learn how to sit, while having fun and getting clean.

With the helping support of the water and you, your baby will learn how to balance with their hands and legs.

They can start by sitting sideways and progress comfortably in the generous space available.

Flat Floor and Vertical Walls (Not Sloped)

The Stand and Play Bathtub’s flat bottom and vertical walls allows your baby to naturally develop at their own pace.

This is the balance first approach, the opposite of other baths with moulded seats and rings, that actually delay learning to balance by using restraints or forcing babies to stay passively reclined.

The flat bottom means your baby learns to balance on their legs and feet, leaning forward on their hands.

Smooth Safe Edges

At YouBeBaby we pride ourselves on considering every little detail and smooth edges on everything is very important.

Your baby is precious and a bath is the last place you want to find any nasty sharp corners or edged.

We use high-quality materials and rigorous design, testing and quality control on all our products.

Stage Three: Freedom to Play Safely

Safe to let them Stand and Play!

Slips and falls are the leading cause of injuries to babies and young children.
Click here to see the number.

The Stand and Play Bathtub is specifically designed to prevent these accidental injuries.

Stage Three, from 12 months to two years, is only for babies who are confident and capable sitters.

At this stage babies are bigger, more active, mobile, independent and less controllable.  This frees the caregiver to engage more comfortably with less kneeling and bending over while staying out of the splash zone. 

Never again will you have to tell them to sit down or grab for them as they fall.

Stage three allows for safe natural movement and free play. Babies also develop the navigation skills of being in a bath so the transition to the regular bath or shower may be easier and safer.

Please do watch our video: Stage Three Stand and Play.

When using any baby bath, including the YouBeBaby bath, always remember the dangers, please see the safety warnings below.

Please do watch our video to see the design in action.

No More Nasty Falls!

Falls are the leading cause of injury and ER visits for babies and young children! Please see our safety message below.

In allowing freedom of movement to develop naturally, at every stage, the Stand and Play Bathtub is very different to other baths, but it is the brilliant, Stage Three, safety frame that really takes it to the next level.

Specifically designed to prevent fall injuries, it is rock solid, passing the playpen test standard (EN 12227 8.10) against tipping, giving you peace of mind to relax and play together.

Freedom to play together!

Stage Three, provides your growing baby with the perfect space to proceed to standing and really getting the most fun out of bath time.

If you’ve bathed an active baby in a traditional bath or baby bath you know you spend most of your time saying ‘sit down!’ and trying to restrain them, while somehow trying to get them clean. Not a great experience usually.

All that changes with the Stand and Play Bathtub. Now you can relax and happily watch them stand without any worries. A true game-change.

Go ahead and let them stand, walk, sit, kick, splash, bend over, pick up and throw toys, and play in every way imaginable without worrying or hovering over them.

Now you are free to engage, play, and be together, naturally.

Let them Stand and Splash!

The Stand and Play Bathtub is the only bath that lets you be comfortable to play and have fun with your child, without getting drenched in the splash zone.

Stay close enough to keep your baby safe. With the danger of standing and falling out of the way you don’t need to get soaked.

Stability from the Weight of the Water

The Stand and Play Bathtub is stable and safe because of key design features that no other baths have.

The strong stabilising supports and robust Stage Three framework make it rock solid so that your baby can grab the frame with confidence.

The stability of the bath is tested and government certified.

Easy to Attach and Fold Away

The Stage Three frame is easy to attach.

The supporting base secures solidly onto the bath rim and the framework unfolds and clicks simply into a locked position.

Then, when you are done, with a simple press each arm unlocks and it can be easily folded away for storage. There is even a clever loop to hang it up.

For more information please see the Instructions page.

Mesh that Can’t Be Climbed

Even with your baby standing, in stage three, the dimensions, stabilisers, flat bottom and non-slip surface make YouBeBaby the best solution for bath safety.

The mesh provides you and you baby clear visibility and it seamlessly integrates with the framework, so there is nowhere for little fingers to get caught.

The height of the Stage Three was carefully chosen to allow you to play together and engage with your child while preventing them from climbing out.

When using any baby bath, including the Stand and Play Bathtub, always remember the dangers, please see the safety warnings below.

Strong and Practical

Your Back Matters!

The Stand and Play Bathtub is designed to give babies the freedom to develop naturally but this doesn’t mean you won’t appreciate the difference it makes to your back.

From the incline in Stage One, simply pulling the plug to empty the water, or being able to be in a comfortable position in Stage Three, your back will notice the difference.

The Stand and Play Bathtub gives you freedom to relax, decompress and engage on a more meaningful level during bath time.

Top Quality Manufacturing, Built to Last

YouBeBaby was founded by Norman Ellison, a father and mechanical design engineer, so high quality design and manufacturing is a key feature of the Stand and Play Bathtub.

Each bath is manufactured to exacting specifications then individually inspected and tested.

Sustainability is very important to us and your Stand and Play Bathtub is built to last. 

Easy to Pack Up and Store

The Stand and Play Bathtub is designed to give babies the freedom to develop naturally but also to be practical for busy parents.

From easy assembly, to comfortable handles, and clever folding Stage Three frame, you will love the practical design features.

The bath packs up compactly with a convenient fastening strap and another useful strap with a loop for hanging the bath up if required.

Government safety alert for all children’s’ baths.

WARNING – Bath Safety – Fall Hazard
Babies have suffered head and other injuries falling from infant bath tubs.

To prevent falls:
– Place tub only in adult tub, adult shower, sink or on floor.
Never lift or carry bath in tub.

So we made it safe to Stand and Play!

Stable, flat and safe, see how:

The Numbers that We Want to Fix

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics each year over 43,000 US children visit ERs for bath or shower injuries.
Over 80% are due to slips, trips and falls, with babies and toddlers accounting for more than half. 


American Academy of Pediatrics, Injuries Associated with Bathtubs and Showers Among Children in the United States, July 13, 2009

CDC Childhood Injury Report:
Patterns of Unintentional Injuries among 0-19
Year Olds in the United States, 2000-2006

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We take sustainability very seriously so all our products are designed and built to last.

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