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Before the Tricycle Comes The Perception-Action Cycle

Think about how your baby learns about themselves and this new world they’ve been born into. They don’t yet have the words or ability to learn as we do. Usually, we follow a process whereby the first step is to take in some kind of information, written or spoken language is most common. The second step is we have to process the information which means thinking about it. Trying to relate it to other information we already have. At some point we might test or validate the information to see if what we think we know practically works. There are different ways to test what we know but essentially it’s an experiment to determine if our hypothesis holds up. After the hypothesis we carry out the experiment, look at the results and ask ourselves if the results validate our hypothesis or perhaps could use some fine-tuning. Then we might do it again only slightly differently to see if the outcome changes as we predict.

This process is commonly called The Perception-Action Cycle.

It might

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