About Us

We make products your baby would choose if they could. This means we design for them – how they’re supported, for the way they develop, removing restrictions wherever possible and optimizing space for movement and play. For the first three years, babies learn primarily through play.

The name “YouBeBaby” comes from our unique baby-led design approach. Our message; “We’re here to support you exactly as you are. You be you, you be baby.”

This approach also provides the best benefits for parents. The better we do for them, the better it is for you.

Other companies, market to parents first so they lead with features like easy to carry and put in the car, decor complementing colors, edgy design that will impress friends, and many other things that frankly your baby couldn’t care less about. Worse, by ignoring how babies behave they often create unsafe products that lead to injury or worse.

We’re different.

Our products are designed to optimally support the best parenting practices.

We start with the idea that babies are complete and whole human beings, not blank slates or empty vessels .

We love and care but we also respect.

We slow down because they process at a much slower rate.

We soften our own preconceptions so we have more room for their expression.

We quietly and patiently observe.

We understand that from zero to three years of age, the brain and body develop more than at any other time of life, and we know this development is the foundation upon which all later development is built.

We accept that the inner workings of development are complex, out of our sight and independent of our expectations.

We understand the important role of play.

We believe that babies should be able to move and play throughout the entire day, not just when it fits our schedules.

We design products that properly support babies at every stage and provide the freedom to move and play.

We hope our products inspire and help us elevate parenting.

Baby on Stepping Stone Youbebaby
Baby playing with colorful balls in bathtub